Задание на лето по английскому языку. Как практиковать английский летом: отдыхаем и ничего не забываем. Увлекательные тесты и игры для практики английского языка летом

(базовый учебник Английский язык для VI класса О.В.Афанасьева, И.В.Михеева)


Find a single world equivalent

1. to make a prediction 2. to look forward to 3. every day 4. still 5. unstable 6. to dislike greatly 7. hotness or warmth 8. to bring about 9. very large in area 10. a heated glass building for growing young plants 11. no longer in existence 12. the seashore 13. easily broken 14. a place where someone or something is usually found 15. to treat medically 16. to ruin 17. to put in danger 18. to hold or put within limits 19. that which surrounds 20. to make unclean 21. to remain alive 22. a fence formed by bushes or small trees growing close together 23. characterised by good fortune; successful 24. characterised by a moderate estimation of oneself 25. to do harm to

Possible answers: to forecast, to expect, daily, calm, changeable, to hate, heat, to produce, huge, a greenhouse, extinct, a coast, fragile, a habitat, to cure, to destroy, to endanger, to include, environment, to pollute, to survive, a hedge, prosperous, modest, to injure


Circle the letter under the underlined word(s) which is/are not correct

1. On March 30, 1981, President Reagan was shot as his was leaving a Washington hotel .


2. President Andrew Jackson had and official Cabinet, but him preferred the advice of his informal adviser, the Kitchen Cabinet.


3. Almost half of the Pilgrims did not survive theirs first winter in the New C D World.


4. There was no indication from the Senate that he would agree with the Decision made in the House.


5. A baby starts learning the meanings of words as they are spoken by others and later uses they in sentences.


6. In the places where people drink poisoned water, eat bad food and breathes polluted air they suffer from serious diseases .


7. Though nowadays the Queen reigns but don’t rule , the Royal family plays a very important role in the country .


8. Although no two day will have exactly the same weather, people can forecast some types of weather.


9. I’d like to know what influencing his decision.


10. Nowadays the air surrounding the earth has became much warmer because the heat can’t go back into space .


11. It is impossible to believe that somebody actually admire that man .


12. The leek, a member of the lily family, has a mildest taste than the onion.


13. The grizzly bear, which can grow up to eight feet tall , has been called a more dangerous animal of North America.


14. I really do not want to live in the southeast because it is one of the most hot areas in the United States.


15. The U.S. Congress consists of both the Senate as well as the House of Representatives.



Getting to the Root of the Matter!
Can you match up the following sentences with the expressions below? All the expressions have something to do with plants, flowers or trees

1. Sometimes things are very difficult. Life is not all ________. 2. Mary led Sam ________. She kept promising to marry him but in the end she left him for John. 3. Susan’s ready to ______. She travelled all over the world, but now she wants to settle in one place. 4. The police were determined to ______. It took them several weeks but they finally discovered the cause of the fire. 5. Don’t ________. Tell me exactly what it is you want to say. 6. John’s _________. He’s much nicer than any of his brothers. 7. Sally’s done very well in her job. She’s at _______ in her profession. 8. You should act quickly . Don’t let _______. 9. I feel as if all our hard work is belonging to _________. The results are really worth the effort we put in! 10. The teacher realised that the class might cause trouble, but managed to ________.
A. the grass grow under your feet B. nip it in the bud C. the top of the tree D. the pick of the bunch E. a bed of roses F. beat about the bush G. put down roots H. bear fruit I. get to the root of the matter J. up the garden path


Reading Comprehension

He Went with Magellan

On the twenty-second of March, 1518, Magellan, his wife Beatriz and Faleiro were still in Valliadolid – waiting for the king’s decision about exploration in the South Seas . They had finished dinner and now were sitting round the fire. It was cold outside. Magellan was studying a chart. Faleiro was thinking about something. Suddenly Faleiro got up from his chair and walked up to the window. For a minute he looked at the sky. Then he began to walk up and down the room. He did not speak, and no one spoke to him. Once he stopped and looked very angrily down at the chart. He said something in a low voice, but no one could hear him. Magellan paid no attention to the astronomer. Faleiro was a strange person, but he was clever. He measured longitude so well that Magellan felt sure Faleiro could tell the exact place of a ship in the sea. Neither Columbus nor Vasco da Gama had been able to be sure how far east or west a ship had travelled. With Faleiro’s tables of longitude. Faleiro stopped near the table and said, “What chart is that?” “A copy of a chart which the great Admiral Christopher Columbus used in his voyage,” Magellan said. Faleiro said gloomily: “Columbus didn’t know where he was going. When he got to the New World he didn’t know where he was, and when he got home he didn’t know where he had been.” “He was the greatest navigator the world has ever seen,” Magellan said quietly. “But he would have been still greater if he had had Faleiro with him.” Faleiro made this modest statement and gloomily returned to the window. Suddenly they all heard a knock at the door, a very loud knock. Then they heard voices and people coming upstairs. The courier came into room. “To Ferdinand Magellan and to Ruy Faleiro from our most noble king Don Carlos,” he said and handed a packet to Magellan. It was a great day for Magellan: he learned that Don Carlos gave them ships and money to explore the South Seas.

After L.KENT

The South Seas – name of the Pacific Ocean before Magellan’s voyage

1. The word “a chart” is closest in meaning to which of the following words?

A. a picture B. a draw C. a marine map D. a route

2. Faleiro was

A. Magellan’s friend B. an explorer in the South Sea C. a great navigator D. an astronomer

3. It was a great day for Magellan because

A. he met Faleiro. C. he found a copy of a chart which Columbus had used. B. the king gave him ships. D. he met the king.

4. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

A. Long days wait B. The great Columbus C. Magellan studies a chart D. The courier from the king

When we are back at school again, we’ll begin with this task and try “to get to the root of the matter”.

Moskow, School No.814,


1.B, 2.B, 3.C, 4.C, 5.D, 6.B, 7.B, 8.A, 9.C, 10.B, 11.C, 12.B,13.D,14.C,15.D

1 - E, 2 - J, 3 - G, 4 - I, 5 - F, 6 - D, 7 - C, 8 - A, 9 - H, 10 - B.

cat rabbit pig hen dog frog

    Вставь пропущенн ые букв ы :


p_n s_ip sw_m f_t t_n

    Раскрась нужным цветом:

red black grey

    Посчитай предметы и напиши число:

    Поставь слова в правильном порядке и составь предложение:

Например: swim, Ann, can. Ann can swim

1) can, Tim, sing, and, swim. ________________

2) has, a pen, Bob,got. _____________________

3) cats, not, swim, can. _____________________

4) Ann, skip, can? __________________

Lesson 2

    Соотнесите картинку и слово:

cat rabbit duck hen dog fox frog

3. Посчитай предметы и напиши число:

4. Выбери глагол и обведи его:

Cats (can \ has) run. Ben (must \ is) big.

Ann (is \ has got) a dog. She (can\ has) jump.

Tim (is \ has got) sad.

    Прочитай загадку и обведи отгадку:

It is not big. It is black. It can run and jump. But it cannot swim. It is nice.

a) red hen b) black cat c) black duck

(funny, big, swim, fly)

On the farm.

Tim is a farmer. He has six pets.

He has five black dogs and one grey horse.

His horse lives on the farm. It is very strong. It is nice too.

It can run and jump well. Tim’s dogs are not big.

They are not strong but they are very brave.

They like to go to the forest with Tim.

1. Заполни пропуски словами из рассказа.

Tim is ____________.

He has ____ dogs and ______ horse.

His horse is very ________.

It can run and _______.

Tim’s dogs are not big and strong but they _________.

2. Прочитай предложения и исправь, если это необходимо.

Tim is a doctor.

He has three white dogs and one gray elephant.

His horse lives in the house.

Tim has big cats.

His cats like to go to the park.

1. My friend is not big.

3. He is brave and strong.

4. He isn’t lazy.

5. He can jump and dance.

6. He can count and play chess well.

7. He likes bananas and oranges.

Lesson 5

1.Прочитай рассказ,переведи и ответь на вопросы писменно.

It is a grey rabbit. Its name is Bunny. It likes its name.

It lives in forest. It is five.

Bunny is not big but it is strong and brave.

Bunny is nice and funny. It can run and jump.

It can’t swim and skate.

It likes nice ducks, fat hens and cockerels.

1. Is Bunny a rabbit?

2. Is Bunny a black cat?

5. Can Bunny swim?

Lesson 6

Спишите,вставив пропущенные слова.

    Rita __________ got a red pen.

A) have b) has c) are d) is

    You got a fox?  Yes, I ________________.

A) have b) has c) are d) is

    Tom’s rabbit ______________ red.

    isn’t b) aren’t c) am not d) can’t

    Your fox black?

A) am b) are c) is d) can

    My friends _____________ nice and good.

a) can b) are c) is d) have

    My pets __________ merry.

a) can b) are c) is d) can

7.My dog____________ not fly .

A) can b) are c) is d) can

8. Snakes_____________ not bad.

A) can b) are c) is

Lesson 7

Спишите,вставив пропущенные слова.

1. Ann__________ got a small box.

a) have b) has c) are d) is

    You got a bag?  Yes, I ________________.

a) have b) has c) are d) is

    Nick’s hen ______________ red.

a) isn’t b) aren’t c) am not d) can’t

    Your duck yellow?

a) am b) are c) is d) can

    Alice_____________ not angry.

a) can b) are c) is d) have

    My pets__________ funny.

a) can b) are c) is d) can

7.My dogs____________ not fly .

a) can b) are c) is d) can

8.Crocodiles _____________ not merry.

a) can b) are c) is d) can

Lesson 8.

Прочитайте текст,найдите незнакомые слова,выпишите их,найдите перевод.Переведите текст.

Nick has a cat. Nick’s cat’s name is Pussy. Nick’s cat is big and nice.

It is black and white. It eats meat and fish. Nick’s cat drinks milk.

Pussy can run and jump. Nick teaches Pussy to swim but it can’t swim.

Nick teaches Pussy to sing but it can’t sing. I think it is not clever!

2. Переведите слова и словосочетания писменно, используя текст.

большой и красивый,

пить молоко,

кушать мясо,

учить плавать,

учить петь,

Lesson 9.

1. Переведите предложения .

    I like to read books.____________________________ _________________

    She can’t swim and skate._______________________________________


    They play chess well.____________________________________________

    They are merry and strong.______________________________________

    He isn’t lazy.________________________ ______________________

    We can ski and ride a bike.______________________________________

Pam’s frog can’t fly. __________________________________________

Lesson 10

Зрительный диктант!

I have got a stick and a hat.

He is strong and brave.

His stick is long.

A fox isn’t black.

A cat can’t swim.

Tom hasn’t got a hat.

Rick’s dog is fat and sad.

Pretty cat can not swim

They have got a cat.The cat is sad.

He has got a rabbit.The rabbit is big.

I have got a hat.The hat is red.

He is not Tom.He is Sam.

The frog can skip.

The cat has got a red hat.

Tim can’t swim.

I can read and write.

Летние каникулы – главное событие в жизни любого школьника и все они стремятся рассказать и похвастаться где были, что видели и чему научились за лето. Такой рассказ помогает им еще раз пережить наиболее яркие моменты прошедшего лето. Не секрет, что для многих ребят самым ярким впечатлением лета стала поездка с родителями на море или к водоему.

Набор карточек по теме “Лето” дает возможность повторить или выучить отдельные английские выражения, которые помогут рассказать ребятам об их летнем отдыхе.

В ближайшее время наш с вами американец Кайл начитает для нас эти выражения, а пока я их здесь просто напишу.

Английские выражения по теме “Летние каникулы. Пляж.”

A cow standing in the shade. – Корова, стоящая в тени.
A boy buried in sand. – Мальчик, закопанный в песке.
A boy getting a suntan. – Загорающий мальчик.
A family having barbeque. – Семья на шашлыках (барбекю).

A boy spitting out watermelon seeds. – Мальчик выплевывающий арбузные семечки.
A woman escaping the heat. – Женщина, спасающаяся от жары.
A girl diving into a pool. – Девочка ныряющая в бассейн.
A boy drying off with a towel. – Мальчик вытирающийся полотенцем.

Ice melting. – Тающий лёд.
A man cooling off in the city. – Мужчина, охлаждающийся в городе.
Some kids horsing around in the water. – Дети, дурачащиеся в воде.
A teenager floating on a tube. – Подросток, плавающий на шине.

A girl carrying pails. – Девочка, несущая ведерки.
A family having a picnic. – Семья на пикнике.
A girl playing in the sand. – Девочка играющая в песке.
A person putting on sunscreen. – Человек наносящий солнцезащитный крем.

Some teenagers having a race. – Соревнующиеся подростки.
A couple lying in the sun. – Пара лежащая на солнцепеке.
A man relaxing at the beach. – Мужчина, расслабляющийся на пляже.
Some kids making a sandcastle. – Дети, строящие замок из песка.

A man having a siesta. – Мужчина отдыхающий в сиесту (после обеда).
A woman making lemonade. – Женщина, делающая лимонад.
A family eating ice-cream. Семья, едящая мороженое.
A boy wearing sandals. – Мальчик в сандалиях.

Some kids selling lemonade. – Дети, продающие лимонад.
A family going on vacation. – Семейство, едущее в отпуск.
A woman swimming. – Плывущая женщина.
A woman with sunburn. – Обгоревшая на солнце женщина.

A woman testing the water. – Женщина, пробующая воду.
A woman slicing watermelon. – Женщина, нарезающая арбуз.
A girl splashing some water. – Девочка, плескающаяся водой.
A woman wearing bikini. – Женщина в раздельном купальнике (бикини).

Some kids having a water fight. – Дети, играющие в водную войну.
A woman wearing shades (sunglasses). – Женщина в солнцезащитных очках.
A boy squirting a girl. – Мальчик, брызгающий девочку.
A man resting in the shade. – Мужчина, отдыхающий в тени.

A man keeping cool. – Охлаждающийся мужчина.
A man doing a belly-flop. – Плюхающийся животом в воду мужчина.
A boy tossing a water balloon. Мальчик, кидающий “водяную бомбочку”.
A boy filling a water balloon. Мальчик, наполняющий шар водой.

Скачать все карточки по теме “Лето”

Я в основном занимаюсь со взрослыми, для них задание на лето не актуально. Но вот что делать со школьниками? Почти все уезжают на дачу или на море, практически никто не занимается. Что, в принципе, правильно. Все детям нужно время, чтобы как следует отдохнуть и немного побалбесничать. Но как сделать так, чтобы они не забывали за лето язык?

Можно найти интересные мультфильмы , выбрать несколько книг , например, из серии Graded Readers , подобрать интересные паззлы и кроссворды , и/или попросить сделать задания из интерактивных DVD , которые сейчас часто прилагаются к учебным курсам. Но дело в том, что далеко не все дети готовы по собственной воле заниматься летом, и далеко не все родители готовы их контролировать, даже после профилактической беседы с преподавателем о целесообразности самостоятельных занятий в летние месяцы. Часто бывает, что все задания пытаются выполнить в ударном темпе в последние две недели августа, что довольно малоэффективно.

Интересная идея для организации самостоятельных занятий в летнее время — это дневник . Настоящий, красивый дневник в жесткой обложке, который можно подарить ученику в конце учебного года. Каждый день (обязательно!) в этом дневнике необходимо делать небольшую запись о повседневных событиях и переживаниях, а также выписывать 3-4 новых английских слова с переводом/примером использования/иллюстрацией. Слова можно брать из выданных на лето книг, песен и мультфильмов, а можно просто с этикеток на продуктах питания и одежде, из услышанных на улице разговоров и телепередач, и так далее. Вести такой дневник - простое и увлекательное занятие, в регулярное выполнение которого легко втянуться. Занимает оно совсем немного времени, максимум 15-20 минут. Выполнять его лучше в одно и то же время, например, перед сном, так оно быстрее войдет в привычку.

    Похожие записи

3. Дополнительная лексика по теме «Здоровье».

Break — сломать
call a doctor — вызвать врача
chest — грудь
cold — простуда
cough — кашель
examine — осмотреть
fall ill — заболеть
flu — грипп
immediately — немедленно
lungs — легкие
medicine — лекарство
nod — кивнуть
pain — боль
prescribe — прописать
recover — поправиться
regularly — регулярно
silly — глупо
sneeze — чихать
sore throat — больное горло
swallow — глотать
take blood pressure — измерить кровяное давление
take one’s pulse измерить пульс
take one’s temperature — измерить температуру
tongue — язык
touch — трогать
worry — волноваться

Translate into English

1. У него сильная грудь.
2. Легкие – это орган дыхания животных и людей.
3. Она простудилась и чихает и кашляет все время.
4. Медсестра измеряет его кровяное давление два раза в день?
5. Фил упал и сломал ногу.
6. Свежий воздух полезен для здоровья.
7. Здесь не о чем волноваться.
8. Сова врача взволновали больного.
9. Мне больно глотать.
10. Смотри, маленький Джон только что упал с велосипеда.
11. Он кивнул головой, чтобы показать, что он все понял.
12. Врач обследовал ребенка.
13. Малыш не мог глотать. У него болело горло.
14. Врач прописал ему новое лекарство от боли в горле.
15. Как только Том простужается, он кашляет и чихает.
16. Ему больно двигаться.
17. Он уже выздоровел и завтра может выйти на улицу.
18. Он страдает от головных болей.
19. Врач прописал ему лекарство от головной боли.
20. Лили соблюдает диету? – Да, она на диете.
21. Я не люблю яичницу.
22. Мне больно идти. Я думаю, я сломал ногу.
23. Сливки делают из молока.
24. Он любит только безалкогольные напитки.
25. Из сливок делают масло.
26. Масло, сливки, молоко и творог – молочные продукты.
27. Русские люди часто едят творог на завтрак.
28. Этот творог плохой – он горький на вкус.
29. Он сел на велосипед и медленно поехал вдоль дороги.
30. Где он сломал ногу? Он ехал верхом и упал с лошади.
31. Если ты хочешь быть здоровым ты должен придерживаться диеты.
32. Как ты себя чувствуешь? – Не очень хорошо.
33. У Маши болит горло и голова.
34. У Коли высокая температура.
35. Доктор измерил Ане кровяное давление, прослушал грудь и легкие.
36. Доктор измерил ее пульс.
37. Ты измеряешь температуру каждый день?
38. Врач осмотрел горло и язык мальчика.
39. Ему больно глотать. Я думаю у него ангина.
40. Ты часто простужаешься? – Да.
4. Неправильные глаголы за 7 класс – выучить 3 формы.

5. Летнее чтение.
Прочитать любую книгу на английском языке, выписать незнакомые слова, ответить на вопросы или выполнить задание после текста.

1. Who is the author of the book?
2. What is the book about?
3. How does the book start?
4. Who is the main character of the book?
5. Which character did you like? Why?
6. Which character did you dislike? Why?
7. How does the book end?
8. Did you like the book? Why?/Why not?


I am sure that health is a very impor¬tant thing for all people. If you have good health you are in a good mood. I think it is necessary to take care of health. I know a very useful proverb: «Good health is above wealth.»
Everyone has one’s rules about how to be in good health. First of all one must get up early, do¬ morning exercises all the year round. Usually I wash myself in the morning and in the evening with cold or warm water. I clean my teeth twice a day. To spend a lot of time in the open air is a very important fact for everybody. We must walk a lot, play active games, and spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air. It is useful to go for a walk before going to bed. We should keep our flats clean. Every day I sweep up the room.
It is necessary to take care of our food. We must eat fruit and vegetables. They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. If you are overweight you should keep to a diet. I believe that we have to eat low fat food. We must not eat a lot; we can’t eat much sugar or plenty of sweets.
If you want to keep fit you must go in for one kind of sport or another. In summer we can ride a bicycle, go camping and swimming. In winter one can go sledging, skating, playing hockey or skiing. You can swim in the swimming-pool all the year round. I am sure that sport helps people to keep in good health. If you go in for sports, you have good health and don’t catch cold. Sport makes people strong, healthy and cheerful.
There are some facts which have influ¬ence on our health. First of all it is bad mood and physical inactivity. Eating a lot can make you fat and not active. Drinking much alcohol is not useful for our health either. It is a terrible fact when we eat at night, don’t follow a diet, use high-calorie foods and don’t move a lot. Smoking is not useful for our health either. If a person smokes a lot he (she) will be ill. To smoke is to live at the risk of one’s life. I suppose that it is necessary to go to bed till 11 o’clock and get up at 7 o’clock.
I like the proverb: «Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.» I am sure that our health is connected with our nerves system. I think that we must not be nervous. As people say “A merry heart is a good medicine.” I am sure that children and grown-ups must take care of their health.

Falling Ill
I am sure that health is a very important thing for all people. If you have good health you are in a good mood. I think it is necessary to take care of health.
There are certain laws of keeping health which are so simple that even a little child can learn them.
Fresh air is very important to good health. Besides, every room in the house, especially bedroom should be properly cleaned. The whole body should be washed regularly. We like to look at someone who is tidy and clean. Some exercises are also necessary to keep us fit. The old and the young should do morning exercises. Rest is also important to the health of both body and mind. Plenty of food rich in vitamins is very useful for our health, too. If one of these rules is broken we may fall ill.
When I have a headache, a stomach ache, a sore throat, a cold or pain in some other parts of my body, I call a doctor and he examines me. He takes my temperature and my pulse. He examines my heart; my lungs, my stomach or the part where I have a pain, and tells me what the matter with me is. The doctor prescribes a medicine, and gives me a prescription. I take it to a chemist’s and buy the medicine. If I follow the doctor’s orders, I get better.
If some people are seriously ill, they go to hospital by ambulance. When I have a toothache, when a tooth hurts me, I go to a dentist.
Last winter I fell ill. I caught a bad cold. I had a bad cough and was running a high temperature. I had also a cold in my head and a terrible sore throat. It hurt me when I swallowed. I was constantly sneezing.
My mother called the doctor. When the doctor came in she examined my throat and tongue, felt my pulse, listened to my heart and lungs and tested my blood pressure. Then she took my temperature. She said there was no need to worry as it was neither flu nor quinsy. It was just a bad cold.
The doctor told me to stay in bed for a week to avoid complications after the illness. Then she prescribed me some medicine for my headache and told me to drink warm milk with honey and butter. I was to take the medicine twice a day.
I followed all the doctor’s advice and in a week I felt much better and soon I recovered.

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